We’re a Professional Photography Studio in Perth, Australia

As a group of passionate young people, we not only help you capture your precious moments, but we also put love in every piece of our work.

For us, the most important part of photography is to make you feel something when you look through your photographs. The initial ‘wow’ factor is great, and something we work really hard on creating for every client. Sometimes though, some of the best images are growers – the pictures that come to mean more and more to you in years to come, and we have these shots in mind too when we are shooting.

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Our Team

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Love Bajwa

Love thinks of himself a ‘non-wedding’ wedding photographer, because he creates images which are the anti-thesis of traditional wedding photography. With more than 12 years of photography experience, love is a master with the camera. With his casual and friendly approach to working with brides and grooms, love is able to integrate and truly become a part of the wedding family and create photographic stories from an insider perspective. With years of rich experience, love is widely acclaimed within the industry as one of the top photographers in australia. He started his career in india with sikh souljah productions, and worked with a long line of talented photographers in all kinds of shoots.

Inder Bajwa

Inder Bajwa

Inder is a self-taught designer, developer and entrepreneur from Perth.  Technology, design and business are his lifelong passions/obsessions. His lifetime goal is to use technology to change the World. He has been designing and developing websites, building interactive experiences and building businesses.